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Definition: v. reprove.
Synonyms: warn, discourage, monish
Etymology: ME f. OF amonester ult. f. L admonere (as AD-, monere monit- warn) (more...)

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Anyone who thinks there's safety in numbers hasn't looked at the stock market pages.
by Irene Peter

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Salimbene di Adam

Salimbene di Adam (or Salimbene of Parma) (9 October 1221 – c. 1290) was an Italian Franciscan friar and chronicler who is a colourful source for Italian history of the 13th century.

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So Bill Gates and the chairman of GM are arguing over which company is better. Bill Gates boast, ' If cars grew in technology as fast as computers did, we would be driving v-32 instead of v-8, our cars would get 5000 miles to the gallon, the top speed would be mach seven. Anyway the sticker price for a car would be 50 dollars.' And which the GM replies, ' Sure, but would you really want a car that crashes 4 times a day!'

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Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.

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Jessamyn Charity West

Jessamyn Charity West (born September 5, 1968) is a librarian and a former member of the American Library Association Council. Her father is Tom West. She is a self-described 'anti-capitalist' who as of 2006 operates the blog She also operates the websites and and is a moderator on MetaFilter. In 2002 Library Journal identified her as a 'mover and shaker.''s slogan is 'putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1999.' West characterizes as generally 'anti-censorship, pro-freedom of speech, pro-porn (for lack of a better way to explain that we don't find the naked body shameful), anti-globalization, anti-outsourcing, anti-Dr. Laura, pro-freak, pro-social responsibility and just generally pro-information and in favor of the profession getting a better image.'

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Did you know

  • that the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009, which was signed into law on May 20, gives an additional 165 million USD in funding to the Justice Department to detect and prosecute fraud?
  • that the Polish rock band Czerwone Gitary reached the heights of its popularity in the 1960s, and was known as the Polish Beatles?
  • that the French fast minelaying cruiser Pluton exploded in Casablanca Harbor, French Morocco, on 13 September 1939 while disembarking fuzed mines?
  • that most staff in the Australian Government's Department of Post-War Reconstruction were young economists who had been conscripted into the Australian Public Service during World War II?